Data Management and Reporting Officer

Data Management and Reporting Officer

Job identification

Job Title: Data Management and Reporting Officer

Department: Finance & Development

Reports to Deputy General Manager

• Job description was created on 01/09/2022

Position summary

We are looking to hire a resourceful Data Management and Reporting Officer to join our vibrant team at Abu Dhabi Insurance Brokers in Abu Dhabi.  The Data Management and Reporting Officer is in charge of overseeing and managing the processes of data acquisition, validation, analysis and storage as well as generating timely reports.


• Min. 2 years’ experience in data management, analytics and reporting.

• Insurance background is desirable.

• Bachelor's degree in Data Management, Operational Research, Statistics, Data Science or similar numerical

• IT and Computer Literacy: Excellent of Microsoft Office package, in particular Excel.

Duties and responsibilities

Data Acquisition:

- Ensure that the paper-based data are properly filled according to relevant requirements

- Provide day-to-day support, coordination on data entry

- Collect data from all departments to furnish required reports from DGM

- Ensure confidentiality of the collected data

Data Validation:

- Ensure that the collected data is accurate and of high quality through regular and random cross checking and data cleaning processes.

- Revise and clean collected data

- Trouble shoot any data inaccuracy, inconsistency, and errors through coordinating with the relevant personnel.

- Report any inaccuracies of the data entered into the system and take action to limit the percentage of error. 

Data Analysis and Visualization:

- Generate comprehensive data for reporting on key variables

- Provide relevant analysis of the collected data and produce information on outputs as relevant

- Support in the analysis of data and provide recommendations to improve the interventions

Data Storage:

- Ensure that data is being properly archived is both hard and soft copies.

- Index, catalogue and organize archiving materials.

- Establish proper archiving systems when relevant.

- Create and mainstream SOPs for data management, storage and quality assurance reserved.


- Establish monthly, quarterly, mid-year and annual reports to DGM

- Support in designing various reporting tools and templates.

- Prepare, update and develop various documents, presentations and reporting tools. 

Success factors

• Accuracy and attention to detail. 

• Extremely good organizational skills.

Job Details

Job Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Employment Type: Full Time Employee

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